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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital cash  $ + Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 2.19.28 PM = ฿

Bitcoin is both a currency and a peer to peer, decentralized payment network.  Bitcoin is a mathematically finite commodity, a convenient & permanent store of value, and an instantaneous medium of exchange.  It is the currency of the internet age.

The code behind bitcoin is open source and free to the world.


» Your questions, answered.

» The best platforms, implemented to your requirements.

» No transaction fees or chargebacks.

» Accept bitcoin anywhere.

Training & Education
» Learn the technology, the tools, and the theory.

Mining Systems
» Generate bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies with purpose-built computers.


0% Transaction Fees.
There are no fees inherent to the bitcoin network.

No Chargebacks.
Don’t worry about chargebacks with bitcoin – they don’t exist.
Bitcoin is like cash; once it’s spent – it’s spent.

Never Wait.
Don’t wait for payments.
Use bitcoin and enjoy transactions at the speed of the internet.

Secure Payment Processing.
Put your customers at ease.
With bitcoin there’s no need to collect sensitive financial information.

No Exchange Rate Risk.
Let your customers spend ฿ while you get paid in $.
Hold as little or as much bitcoin as you want.

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